Mary Hegarty, Cranio Sacral Therapist


“We feel so fortunate to have found Mary. Her intuitive touch, gentle presence and immediate ability to connect to everyone in our home has had such a profound impact on our family. Our oldest son told us he wished she was part of our family after our last session. She has worked both with our newborn baby and older son transitioning into school and has provided fantastic insights and advice to us. Her work in astrology has also allowed us to understand personality dynamics and how we can best support one another. She is a whole family healer and we are so happy that she’s part of our lives.”.    – Ashley K., San Francisco, CA


“Mary came into our lives when our 6 month old was experiencing colic and general discomfort.  He had been diagnosed with hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to a congenital brain abnormality. She continued to work with Sam for the next 7 years.  Craniosacral therapy supported him in so many ways.  We saw improvements in how Sam’s eyes worked and in the way his body moved.  It also assisted him to sleep well and to concentrate.  It was a very soothing and calming therapy and Sam loved his sessions with Mary.  As parents we later decided to try cranio to understand the benefits Sam was experiencing and it helped us tremendously by relieving muscle tension, and improving our general well being in a significant way.  Mary is also a very experienced and empathetic therapist and I can truly say she supported our family on many levels through our journey with Sam and disability.  We were extremely sad to lose Mary to San Francisco and there are many times that our son says he wishes she was still here. We feel the same.”
The Fullstone Family, Cape Town, SA


“I have known Mary since 2005 when she joined the team of cranio sacral therapists at the Alpha School. Eventually she led this team and has been an integral part of the school ever since. Mary played a pivotal role in developing the cranio sacral programme at the school, taking it to a new level by: increasing support for our learners on the autistic spectrum, providing in-service trainings for educators and support staff, introducing parent empowerment sessions one a term, offering cranio sacral sessions to staff members so they could experience it, providing staff support, and becoming part of the multi-disciplinary team which held individual educational development plan discussions for our learners. Mary became a highly valued person in our school community and it was with much regret that we had to say good bye to her. Her warm, loving and caring nature towards the learners and staff will be sorely missed.”  Nerina Kearns, Principal, Cape Town, SA


“I’ve known Mary for ten+ years as a teacher, practitioner, a confidante, counselor, and as a friend. Her reservoirs of talent are unending.  Mary is versatile, adaptive, accommodating, and knows her own boundaries and limitations. As a teacher, she taught me about life, acceptance, and tuning into the universe of the soul.”  Dr. Rafiq Harneker, Durban, SA

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