Mary Hegarty, Cranio Sacral Therapist


The Craniosacral Children’s Collective offers a free infant clinic every second Sunday, alternating between Oakland and San Francisco. Many parents seek out craniosacral therapy after a difficult birth, when their baby struggles to settle, sleep, or breastfeed, or when the baby shows signs of colic, torticollis or cranial malformation. This is an excellent opportunity to meet practitioners in the Bay Area and experience the benefits craniosacral work for your pre-crawling baby. To reserve an appointment for your little one, email Holly at:, or call or text 415.509.5493.  Be sure to include your child’s name and age.

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  1. “The sensing body is not a programmed machine but an active and open form, continually improvising its relation to things and to the world. The body’s actions and engagements are never wholly determinate, since they must ceaselessly adjust themselves to a world and a terrain that is itself continually shifting.”
    The Spell of the Sensuous, David Abrams, 1996

    I’ve found cranial work to be an excellent way to keep this adjustment process gentle and fluid.

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