Mary Hegarty, Cranio Sacral Therapist

cranio sacral therapy?

Stress is a fact of life, and in the 21st century we’ve come to link survival with staying informed-relevant-marketable. Our inner search engines are “on” 24-7 because we fear being left behind. We forget to power down; sometimes we don’t remember how.

Life’s big events, even the joyful ones like a birth or new relationship-job-school-home, bring change and often more stress. We may insist everything’s great, but our bodies tell a different story.

When too excited to relax or too wired to sleep, we clench teeth, comfort eat, rock in our chairs, tap our feet, or wander around on auto-pilot not fully present. If poorly managed stress persists, a cascade of symptoms can appear… digestive troubles, head aches, muscle tension. Intimacy can also suffer when we’re overwhelmed. We may feel alone in the company of others, yet avoid being by ourselves, no longer recognizing who’s in the mirror.


“Mom, call Mary.  She’ll take the scary away.”

Cranio Sacral Therapy developed out of the manual medicine called osteopathy in the latter 20th century as a gentle way to soothe the body’s neural matrix and ease the impacts of stress on our physiology.  Practitioners “dialogue” with the body using the language of touch to identify areas of restriction or inertia. Once a client experiences a felt sense of tension or disconnect, the cranio sacral session explores creating space and breathing room in the system.

Like all holistic approaches to health and healing, cranio sacral work acknowledges the body’s sublime intelligence and natural capacity for self-repair. Unlike other bodywork, cranio sacral therapy does not use force or manipulation, so it’s gentle enough for newborns and non-invasive enough for those recovering from accidents, surgery, or traumatic events.  As a therapy, it’s extremely portable: the only tools required are the practitioner’s presence and skilled hands.


photo1The forest breathes. Listen. It answers.

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  1. nice to meet you at Peet’s yesterday. Interesting website. Hope to see you again some time. Elsa

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